Green Mechanical’s Services

Heating Tune-ups: Green Mechanical offers one of the most thorough gas heating tune-ups available. We disassemble your furnace or boiler and clean it inside and out to remove accumulated dirt, soot, and combustion deposits. We check and adjust the blower speed and the gas pressure to ensure proper operation. We use our combustion analyzer to confirm that it is operating safely and efficiently. Finally, we give you a detailed report of your system’s status so that you can better plan your maintenance budget.

Cooling Tune-ups: Green Mechanical’s meticulous air conditioner tune-ups ensure that you get all the summertime comfort you pay for. We use powerful detergents to scrub accumulated dirt and debris from your system. We lubricate the fan motors, check and adjust the airflow, and adjust the refrigerant charge to its optimum level. Finally, we give you a detailed report summarizing your system’s performance.

Dehumidifier Tune-ups: If you own an indoor swimming pool or another building that requires a dedicated commercial dehumidifier, you know how important scheduled maintenance is. Because such equipment can be costly to purchase and operate, you will quickly recover the initial expense of the tune-up. Green Mechanical is a Desert Aire Certified Service Contractor, and its founder has designed and serviced such specialized equipment for more than a decade. We will ensure that your system protects your building exactly as intended.

Air Balancing:
Do you have a room in your home or office that’s always too warm or too cold? Green Mechanical will analyze your building with its computerized energy analysis tools and specialized test instruments to identify the most economical solution to your persistent comfort problems.

Cutting CostsEconomic Analysis: Should you repair your old furnace or replace it with a newer model? Why does a high-efficiency boiler cost so much more than a “normal” one? Is it worth it? Green Mechanical will give you unbiased answers to these questions and more using its software tools and financial experience. Check with us so that you can make sensible, economically-informed decisions.