Green Mechanical’s Product Solutions

Green Mechanical offers numerous solutions to your comfort and energy needs.

IciclesAir Conditioning: Did you know that comfortable employees are significantly more productive? If payroll costs are more than a minor portion of your operating expenses, installing or tuning up your air conditioning system can be a wise investment. You can ensure personal comfort and productivity in your home as well. Even if your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, Green Mechanical can provide a solution for you.

Furnaces: Forced-air heating systems are a popular, economical way to warm your home or workplace during our bitter winters. Such equipment simplifies the addition of central air conditioning, humidification, and premium air filtration. Ducted forced-air equipment can minimize the expense of meeting building codes by providing fresh ventilation air to your employees and customers. Green Mechanical can zone your system by installing electronic or mechanical duct dampers. Zoning allows you to maintain comfortable temperatures in hard-to-condition areas such as bedrooms or exercise areas, home offices, and sunrooms.

FlamesBoilers: While forced-air systems can be more economical to install, hot water (also known as hydronic) heating can provide the ultimate in customized, flexible temperature control. With a hydronic system, Green Mechanical can install individual temperature controls in each room of your home or office. Radiant, in-floor tubing can make your tiled floors warm and inviting. It can heat your garage or workshop, and can even melt snow from your driveway and walkways. You’ll never wake up at 4:00 AM to shovel again! Contact Green Mechanical today to find out more about the compact, efficient boilers now available.

Ceiling FanAir Exchangers: Because of advances in construction materials and techniques, new buildings are much tighter and experience less air leakage than those built decades ago. While low-leakage buildings minimize energy loss, they can also prevent gas appliances, such as water heaters or clothes dryers, from operating safely and properly. In addition, such buildings may retain moisture, solvents, and toxic chemicals. An air exchanger dilutes and exhausts these impurities while it efficiently recovers energy from the room air you’ve paid to heat or cool.

Shower HeadDehumidifiers: Areas that give off large quantities of moisture, such as indoor swimming pools and wastewater treatment plants, require special consideration. Contact us to find out more about choosing and installing dedicated industrial dehumidifiers that will ensure the comfort of your occupants while preventing costly structural damage.